Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Fall And Climb/The Mark & Lynna Story

Love Is The Force That Drives Us All, And We Have Found It.

As most of you know Lynna and I are engaged to get Married mid July 2015. We have decided on Vegas, what spells more adventure, lights, Love and just a wonderful time than Vegas? After all that we have gone through, starting with Lynna's car accident, her rehab, emotional and stressful situations based on her past life, as well as the lack of support and constant assault from many who have not agreed with her life choices, but in the end love conquered all.

So we ask in lieu of a gift registry, we request cash, so that we can enjoy one week of much needed fun, rest and love filled time in Vegas. I want this to be the most memorable time for the both of us. We promise to make lots of videos, take lots of pictures and let you experience this most wonderful event along side with us.

So please click the donate button and help make this dream come true.