Friday, March 31, 2017

Cruising The Gluttonous Paradise

In my lifetime, I  have never seen so many overweight people under one roof, add rude and selfish to the list and you have today's version of what the people of this world are turning into.  I have cruised many times in the past, but thinking about it now, I cruised when I was dead asleep and had not had my spiritual awakening as of yet. If I recall correctly, 2007 was the last time I sailed on a cruise line, and well my mentality has shifted ever since.

As I observed the people around me, I could not help but see an Apocalyptic Zombie type stare on their faces as they literally shoveled food into their mouth, and fought with others on the buffet line. You would think that the food was going to run out, and it was as if they had not eaten for days, when in fact, everywhere you turned people were stuffing their faces with either a liquid or a solid, ice cream cones were an accessory for most. Personally, as a vegan, I felt pretty disgusted when I saw people pile on the bacon, ham, and sausages on their plate next to their eggs pancakes and french toast. They could not just choose one, they had to have all of the above.  I felt disappointed at the little choices a vegan has when cruising, you would think it was a new concept when it has been around for quite a while now.

People were drinking alcohol like crazy, how they could justify the crazy prices the cruise line charged for these cocktails is beyond me, it's just wrong and gauging if you ask me. After this experience, I could safely say that I will not be cruising again, and it made our choice to become Nomads even clearer. Our world has become one big glutinous cruising event, everywhere you turn people are mindlessly over consuming, and could care less about anything else but themselves.

Anyways, we did enjoy the shows and the quite time when people left the ship to go onshore, but can't wait to hit the road and be in nature where the healing will begin. The healing from this materialistic world that has created what we see before us today, gluttony at it's best, mental distress, and lack of self-esteem, pain, and disorders, a much needed spiritual cleanse that can only be provided by nature, our Mother Earth who we long and yearn to be a part of.

I would not recommend cruising on Royal Carribean, they have cut corners and it shows.

Here is a video from the Cruise

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Stuff...Who Needs To Be An Addict Anyway?

I used to be a huge addict to things.  I would spend my time and energy to mostly accumulate more and more stuff.  I was never satisfied with what I had and always "needed" the next new thing.  I had 20+ jackets, 20+ pairs of shoes, I justified my "business expenses" as necessary for me to be successful in my business. 

The truth of that matter is that I was hooked on buying stuff and I could not stop.  I remember sometimes how my obsession for that one thing that I just 'had) to have would just eat me up alive.

One particular time that I recall was back in the summer of 2011, I was on the front end of a massive road trip for my business in which I was going to be spending a few weeks on the road working for a couple of my clients.  The first stop was Washington D.C. and I was going to be working on a weeklong video project.  After that, I had a weekend off and had to be in Minneapolis by that next Tuesday for another video project.

I left Nashville later than I had intended to and ended up getting to D.C around 2 AM.  Before I made the turn off of the interstate for the hotel, I told myself that I could somehow make it to New York City and buy a few things that I "needed" for these projects.  Crazy as it seems, I made the dumb choice to drive all the way 4 hours up to NYC and I made it there by 6 that morning.  Mind you, I was totally irresponsible for doing that because I had to be at my job by 2 PM that same day.  Yet, as I stated before, I was absolutely addicted to stuff.

My real reason for getting up to NYC was to be able to spend an hour at my favorite addiction, a professional broadcast electronics store.  They were called B&H Photo/Video and it was basically Mecca for people who worked in my industry.  I placed my order for the few odds and ends that I had originally come for but my eye, my appetite was really on the latest video cameras that they had there.

When I say that I was addicted, I mean I was truly obsessed and driven by these things.  So much so that upon looking at one particular camera that had caught my eye, I ended up buying it and all of the "needed" accessories that went along with it.  I left NYC that morning with a huge $10,000.00 credit card bill that day and I was not even bothered by my decision.

I arrived into D.C. just before 2 that afternoon and my friends were there in the parking lot well-rested after just pulling in.  I was looking pretty ragged because I had not slept for over 24 hours and I had just gotten in from riding down on I-95.  I was so stupid back then, how could I have done such a thing.  I told my friends and they just thought that I was out-of-my-mind crazy. 

Then I told them that I had purchased this crazy cool video camera and that I wanted to use it on the project and they were beyond themselves in amazement at how I could have done such a thing.  Needless to say, my addiction to stuff (and this is just one of the really dumb decisions that I have made in my life) dictated how I lived my life.  Eventually, I did get the camera rented a few times but I never made enough money to pay it off.  No, instead I lost money.  I ended up selling it the next year to a filmmaker guy visiting Nashville from California at a real loss.

I can say that I know what being an addict is all about and that is why my transition has served so many more purposes than to simply try to align my gender with how I felt to be inside.  No, it was about much, much more.  I was out-of-control and reckless with myself and with how I handled my finances.  Granted, I was not in a situation where I was hurting my credit or anything like that but that beast that had grown inside of me, required lots of money in order to be satisfied.

All of that came to be an abrupt end on December 30, 2014.  When I drove my car off of a remote New Mexico mountain pass, my life should have ended with it.  I was somehow given another chance to make it right within myself.  I do not know why sometimes because I know that I did not deserve it.  I should have died with all of the rest of my "stuff" down there but I was not and I am going to make the most of my opportunities.

Since my accident, I have not even owned a debit card, I handle nothing of the finances and I am not obsessed about anything anymore.  We have a mall that it is less than a mile away and I have been there with Mark maybe twice and not for very long at that.  I don't care anymore.  Things are a snare to entrap us and when we obsess over them, it is like we tie our own noose around our necks.  I have let it all go and no longer see myself as that person anymore.  I am free to not buy anything.  I am free to focus on the things that really matter.

This journey into the unknown that Mark and I are going to be going on in a little over a month or so will further loosen the chains that have bound me for so long.  As a transwoman, we get so obsesses with our appearance and how we look.  To be honest with you, my give-a-damn (to quote an old Jody Messina country song) is busted.  All that I care about is being present in the moment that I am in.  We are going to simplify even more and it will require me to stretch myself even further.  You know what?  I am ready for that now.  Maybe that is what the universe intended for me all along? 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Real Cruise Begins In May

In about six days, Mark and I are set to go on an epic cruise out to to the Mexican Yucatan.  We will be embarking on a wonderful and exciting 5-night Royal Caribbean cruise that will be leaving from our hometown here in Fort Lauderdale.  We have been counting down the days since we made our reservation back in February of this year but in the past two days, even the thrill of going on a cruise seems to pale in comparison to the real epic life journey that we will be setting sail for in about 5

As you all know, last week we purchased a blue 2011 Prius from a Toyota dealership up in West Palm Beach.  Over the past month or so, we have been making plans to leave our FTL beachside life for the great unknown.  We had been researching different ways to get there but then this one idea stuck...  You know, we could actually live in our Prius if we really take to living a bare-bones, minimalistic lifestyle!  It has been done succesfully for people traveling alone but two people?  Could it even be feasable?  Well, it is too late now because we have already made the decision and bought our new home on wheels and have given our landlord our 30-day notice.

We are going to do what many would consider impossible to do, we are going really simple and we are going to live out of our car and make our great country our ever-changing backyard.  I am sure that we are going to be baptized by fire by this new Priusliving life of ours.  Finding a place to stay overnight will be something that I will have to plan for every single day.  Mark has told me that he will be in charge of making sure that we get fed and I will have my hands full as the navigator.  So, for me that means that some days we will be overnighting in good ole Walmart, some days in beautiful and picturesque national parks and other times in empty wilderness spaces.  I am sure that at first it will take some real getting used to, after all we are going from "normal" apartment-life living to the backseat and trunk of our Prius but think about the benefits!

What benefits are there, you might say?  Well, for one, the Prius is one incredible camping machine and it has a lot of cool features.  One being the incredible gas mileage.  Hands down, this is the best feature that this car has going for it because at MPGs in the mid 50s, our GypsyBlue can go places for dirt cheap.  It literally sips gas!  Imagine driving over 600 miles on one tank of gas and that tank is only needs 11 gallons of gas!  Our minds are just racing with what possibilities that we have.  Let's say you wanted to drive out to California from New York.  It will literally take just over 4 tanks of gas to get there.  Imagine that???  For less than $100 bucks, we will be able to travel from the Empire State Building to the Santa Monica Pier!  Now that is what I call freedom!  We are gladly exchanging our comfortable life out here in sunny South Florida for the adventures of the open road.  Not only that, our Prius is equipped for hot or cold climates because the Prius can keep you warm when you need to be and cool when you want it.  The battery never runs out and you can literally fall asleep and the car stays at the temperature that you want set it at.

What is life if not to be enjoyed beyond the norm?  Mark and I have always been nomads and we finally get to spread our wings and fly.  I am so excited to be a part of this crazy life of ours.  Only the universe knows what it has in store for us.  I liken it to riding a Pacific Ocean wave in Southern California where I am from.  The waves can be quite challenging and scary for sure.  What we see from the shore make look informidable but once we are out there in the open water, we need to adjust to the ocean and so that is what surfers do.  They get out there and when the waves come they duck under and let it roll right over them.  There is no use in fighting Mother Nature, she is going to do her thing and we are best to just go with her or risk our very lives.  When you get out beyond the shore though, that is when real life begins.

Even the waves aren't as menacing from the other side because now Mother Nature and you are one.  Now you can be a part of whatever she wants to do.  So that is why you see these surfers what for the perfect wave to show up and they end up riding it all the way in to the shoreline.  Not before the rush of being a part of it all though and letting the ocean carry you to where she wants you to be.

So yes, we are crazy, we are nomads, we are in the search of the simple life, a life far away from the hustle and bustle of what most people would call "normal".  For one, Mark and I aren't normal at all if you haven't noticed!  I mean, having a trans history pretty much disqualifies us from that, don't ya think!?  Mark and I have been on a journey of self discovery ever since we met.  Those of you who have followed his life for years now, know very well all of the changes that he has experienced since 2008, when he went on his first spiritual journey.  Then later with his stint in an RV and now with me, a fellow nomad and spiritual seeker.

One thing for sure is that all of our new encounters will provide lots of story material for our vlogs and blogs.  We will be able to take our experiences in and share them all with you.  As you know, we are going to stop doing our weekly TRTV RealTalk show that we do every Tuesday night.  We will be replacing the show with a bunch of new material that we will be putting on our rebranded YouTube channel, FB Page and Instagram @gypsyblue2017.  We are very much aware that change will not be easy nor predictable by any stretch.  What will we eat?  Where will we stay?  How is the weather going to be?  What new people will we meet up with?  How many new experiences, challenges and what kinds of drama will we be faced with?  Well, only the universe knows what is waiting for us and we are just on the winds of the spirit that will guide us.

We can't wait!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Changes A True Constant

My motto has always been, do not fear and live with passion. I have been a daring soul since childhood, running away from home at the age of 10, marrying a man I barely knew while moving to England at the age of 24. The marriage was annulled and I explored England, Ireland and Europe, my itchy feet has followed me throughout my life. There was Argentina and several spiritual journeys under my belt, I have been a traveler, fellow adventurer extraordinaire, and a lover of the unknown.

I have found my twin, who loves the open road, adventures and the unknown as well, we are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime, shedding layers while gathering experiences that as humans we have been stripped off and made to fear.

For the past 4 1/2 years, Transition Radio has brought you many interviews from all over the globe, controversial topics that many did not agree with, lots of smiles, tears, and frustrations but in the end all was done out of love.  Now, we will be embarking on a new phase in our life, the time to shed, grow and expand our horizon is now. Our YouTube Channel will have a new outlook and mission, Starting in May, we will no longer be broadcasting RealTalk instead we will be sharing our adventures and focusing on our travels as nomads on the open road. We are so very excited and are looking forward to sharing our adventures with you all. The name of our Channel will be SinCasa, meaning without a house. We want to show that being bound by four walls and prisoner to materialism can be the death of one's soul.  And that home is planet Earth, nature and the many wonderful places she has to offer.

We are in the process of selling many of our possessions and tearing down our home, here in South Florida. We are making preparations for out travels. and we will keep you all posted as things progress.

Till Next Time

Mark & Lynna Cummings

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Great Adventure

We are about to embark on one of the most amazing journeys ever. South Florida has been a great home to us both for the past year and few months, there have been lots of ups and downs, and some incredibly great moments, but the time for change has arrived. We turned in our lease, our little red Corolla and purchases a Prius, it's more our style for protecting our planet, going simple and being afforded the mileage without worry, since the Prius is highly economical and outstandingly green.

We will be leaving Florida to the great unknown, stay tuned for more information which we will be reported on this blog. If you are wondering who Gyspy Blue is, well she is our new ride who will be taking us to many wonderful destinations in and out of the US, anywhere she can tote us and our minimalist possessions around.  With a hefty 51 plus miles per hour on the highway, and 60 in the city that would be lots of places to cover and to enjoy. 

There are many great adventures to be had and lots of potential projects we will embark on while being mobile to pursue our many passions, dreams, and desires.

May the journey begin.....