Friday, March 31, 2017

Cruising The Gluttonous Paradise

In my lifetime, I  have never seen so many overweight people under one roof, add rude and selfish to the list and you have today's version of what the people of this world are turning into.  I have cruised many times in the past, but thinking about it now, I cruised when I was dead asleep and had not had my spiritual awakening as of yet. If I recall correctly, 2007 was the last time I sailed on a cruise line, and well my mentality has shifted ever since.

As I observed the people around me, I could not help but see an Apocalyptic Zombie type stare on their faces as they literally shoveled food into their mouth, and fought with others on the buffet line. You would think that the food was going to run out, and it was as if they had not eaten for days, when in fact, everywhere you turned people were stuffing their faces with either a liquid or a solid, ice cream cones were an accessory for most. Personally, as a vegan, I felt pretty disgusted when I saw people pile on the bacon, ham, and sausages on their plate next to their eggs pancakes and french toast. They could not just choose one, they had to have all of the above.  I felt disappointed at the little choices a vegan has when cruising, you would think it was a new concept when it has been around for quite a while now.

People were drinking alcohol like crazy, how they could justify the crazy prices the cruise line charged for these cocktails is beyond me, it's just wrong and gauging if you ask me. After this experience, I could safely say that I will not be cruising again, and it made our choice to become Nomads even clearer. Our world has become one big glutinous cruising event, everywhere you turn people are mindlessly over consuming, and could care less about anything else but themselves.

Anyways, we did enjoy the shows and the quite time when people left the ship to go onshore, but can't wait to hit the road and be in nature where the healing will begin. The healing from this materialistic world that has created what we see before us today, gluttony at it's best, mental distress, and lack of self-esteem, pain, and disorders, a much needed spiritual cleanse that can only be provided by nature, our Mother Earth who we long and yearn to be a part of.

I would not recommend cruising on Royal Carribean, they have cut corners and it shows.

Here is a video from the Cruise

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