Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Real Cruise Begins In May

In about six days, Mark and I are set to go on an epic cruise out to to the Mexican Yucatan.  We will be embarking on a wonderful and exciting 5-night Royal Caribbean cruise that will be leaving from our hometown here in Fort Lauderdale.  We have been counting down the days since we made our reservation back in February of this year but in the past two days, even the thrill of going on a cruise seems to pale in comparison to the real epic life journey that we will be setting sail for in about 5

As you all know, last week we purchased a blue 2011 Prius from a Toyota dealership up in West Palm Beach.  Over the past month or so, we have been making plans to leave our FTL beachside life for the great unknown.  We had been researching different ways to get there but then this one idea stuck...  You know, we could actually live in our Prius if we really take to living a bare-bones, minimalistic lifestyle!  It has been done succesfully for people traveling alone but two people?  Could it even be feasable?  Well, it is too late now because we have already made the decision and bought our new home on wheels and have given our landlord our 30-day notice.

We are going to do what many would consider impossible to do, we are going really simple and we are going to live out of our car and make our great country our ever-changing backyard.  I am sure that we are going to be baptized by fire by this new Priusliving life of ours.  Finding a place to stay overnight will be something that I will have to plan for every single day.  Mark has told me that he will be in charge of making sure that we get fed and I will have my hands full as the navigator.  So, for me that means that some days we will be overnighting in good ole Walmart, some days in beautiful and picturesque national parks and other times in empty wilderness spaces.  I am sure that at first it will take some real getting used to, after all we are going from "normal" apartment-life living to the backseat and trunk of our Prius but think about the benefits!

What benefits are there, you might say?  Well, for one, the Prius is one incredible camping machine and it has a lot of cool features.  One being the incredible gas mileage.  Hands down, this is the best feature that this car has going for it because at MPGs in the mid 50s, our GypsyBlue can go places for dirt cheap.  It literally sips gas!  Imagine driving over 600 miles on one tank of gas and that tank is only needs 11 gallons of gas!  Our minds are just racing with what possibilities that we have.  Let's say you wanted to drive out to California from New York.  It will literally take just over 4 tanks of gas to get there.  Imagine that???  For less than $100 bucks, we will be able to travel from the Empire State Building to the Santa Monica Pier!  Now that is what I call freedom!  We are gladly exchanging our comfortable life out here in sunny South Florida for the adventures of the open road.  Not only that, our Prius is equipped for hot or cold climates because the Prius can keep you warm when you need to be and cool when you want it.  The battery never runs out and you can literally fall asleep and the car stays at the temperature that you want set it at.

What is life if not to be enjoyed beyond the norm?  Mark and I have always been nomads and we finally get to spread our wings and fly.  I am so excited to be a part of this crazy life of ours.  Only the universe knows what it has in store for us.  I liken it to riding a Pacific Ocean wave in Southern California where I am from.  The waves can be quite challenging and scary for sure.  What we see from the shore make look informidable but once we are out there in the open water, we need to adjust to the ocean and so that is what surfers do.  They get out there and when the waves come they duck under and let it roll right over them.  There is no use in fighting Mother Nature, she is going to do her thing and we are best to just go with her or risk our very lives.  When you get out beyond the shore though, that is when real life begins.

Even the waves aren't as menacing from the other side because now Mother Nature and you are one.  Now you can be a part of whatever she wants to do.  So that is why you see these surfers what for the perfect wave to show up and they end up riding it all the way in to the shoreline.  Not before the rush of being a part of it all though and letting the ocean carry you to where she wants you to be.

So yes, we are crazy, we are nomads, we are in the search of the simple life, a life far away from the hustle and bustle of what most people would call "normal".  For one, Mark and I aren't normal at all if you haven't noticed!  I mean, having a trans history pretty much disqualifies us from that, don't ya think!?  Mark and I have been on a journey of self discovery ever since we met.  Those of you who have followed his life for years now, know very well all of the changes that he has experienced since 2008, when he went on his first spiritual journey.  Then later with his stint in an RV and now with me, a fellow nomad and spiritual seeker.

One thing for sure is that all of our new encounters will provide lots of story material for our vlogs and blogs.  We will be able to take our experiences in and share them all with you.  As you know, we are going to stop doing our weekly TRTV RealTalk show that we do every Tuesday night.  We will be replacing the show with a bunch of new material that we will be putting on our rebranded YouTube channel, FB Page and Instagram @gypsyblue2017.  We are very much aware that change will not be easy nor predictable by any stretch.  What will we eat?  Where will we stay?  How is the weather going to be?  What new people will we meet up with?  How many new experiences, challenges and what kinds of drama will we be faced with?  Well, only the universe knows what is waiting for us and we are just on the winds of the spirit that will guide us.

We can't wait!!!

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