Sunday, April 30, 2017

We Are On The Road: Day One Peters Point Florida

So we finally started the adventure and headed towards North Florida landing at Peters Point Beachfront Park,  magnificent gem Lynna found. I must say that it is a wonderful location for a few nights to hang one's hat and enjoy the beach front camping. Great facility with Bathrooms and showers, as well as picnic areas. We enjoyed a workout, homemade breakfast and a nice stroll on the beach.  Here are pictures and videos from Day 1 of our Adventure, Go, Go Gypsy....

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Off We Go

Today begins a New day in our lives. Go go Gypsy Blue. She is all packed and ready to go.... Go go GypsyBlue...

Friday, April 28, 2017

We Are Really Doing This Thing!!!

As I type this little blog, we are literally less than 12 hours from turning in our apartment keys over to our landlord and finally hitting the road headed to points north.  Can you believe it nomads?  We are really doing this thing!  We are so excited to leave South Florida and all of its congestion and high prices behind for good.  It felt so good to turn in that cable box to Comcast and free ourselves from yet another monthly bill.  Everything that we own in this life will be packed into our little Prius by tomorrow morning.

We are going to head off to bed in our Prius in a few minutes after I upload another video from our day today.  For some reason, the first one took forever to upload to YouTube but I guess we are going to have to be at the mercy of our unlimited plan and hotspot?  Along the way, we will be on the lookout for the best free wifi locations as well.  It is going to be different starting tomorrow, everything will change for us.  We will be at home wherever we park our car for the night.

I have tried to get my stuff downsized to something extremely manageable but I know that I still have a ways to go in that department.  I'll probably shed some more things along the way but this is all a learning experience for me for sure.  When I arrived in Silver City, Mark had to get me a storage unit in order for me to store all of my belongings that had been salvaged from my wrecked car.  I have come such a long way and I am very proud to be where I am at today thanks to my Mark.

The apartment is all cleaned up and ready for final inspection.  Our bed sheets and comforter are off the bed and the sheets are in the trash while the comforter is something that we can definitely use in our new home.  So many things are about to change and I know that many more things are going to come up that we did not even expect.  It's a whole new way of life and a whole new way of thinking for the two of us.  Because you know what?  It reallly isn't so much about the destination but the memories we make and the people we touch along the way.  You are welcome to come join us along the way.

Packing Day/Moving Day

To Be Alive by Mark Angelo Cummings

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Off To The Post Office

As we get near the date, Saturday, April 29th, the excitement grows stronger with every passing day. We have sold every last article we intended to sell and decided to make a video while going to the post office to drop off the last Ebay sale. Here is the footage as we spoke about our thoughts while riding in our Prius, GypsyBlue.


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Less Than 4 Days To New Things

Can you believe it?  In less than 4 days, we are going to be living a much different life completely.  We will be on the road, living on the road and living out of our Prius.  We both are like two little kids, just giddy with excitement.  My iPad just got fixed and returned to me and I was able to sell one last thing on eBay before we leave.  This has been a time in which we have shed a lot of stuff from us.  I am ready to go, I am ready for this new challenge and Mark has been down this road before.  We are so ready and so excited to get going!

I have been busy looking up our first few stops and just where we are going to be spending the night.  I am sure that by next month I will have a whole other system figured out for doing things.  One thing for sure is that since we are in a little Prius, we can stealth camp just about anywhere.  We were watching some videos with a guy named Jeff who goes about traveling the country in a 25 foot RV and he is all worried and bummed about the fact that there are not that many places for RVs to park in Southern California.  He complains about the insane prices that RV parks charge there but not us!  We can go anywhere and stop in any neighborhood and just blend right in!

It will be a learning and comfort curve for sure as we get used to our new routine but I just know that we'll catch on in no time.  There are lots of things to consider though.  Namely, what will we do about our morning routine?  Where will we brush our teeth and take a wizz?  Things that we have in the comfort of our apartment will not be so simple.  Then again, we are so tired of living in a box and waking up to the sun every morning will be amazing.

I think that we will be camping on a beach on our first night and then we will be boondocking in a southern town the next one.  We'll see how it goes but we plan on taking you all along with us.  It will be a new life of new places and new people and new experiences.  What a ride it is going to be too!  I plan on taking some incredible pictures and videos and Mark is going to be creating lots of new songs along the way.  This kind of life is right in our creative sweet spot and we plan on showing so many people how it just might be possible to live more with less.

We like to call it mindful-responsible living, it is a lifestyle of respecting and honoring the earth, all living things and the people in it.  A call to be ever mindful that we are indeed stewards of this planet and all that it has to offer and to understand that we all need to ever so aware of that.  It's happening, it is really and truly happening!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

10 Days To Lift-Off, Dead Battery Hiccup

As the days and weeks are coming down to just a little over one week, the reality of what we are about to do is really starting to set in.  We had a little bit of a scare yesterday that was like a real wake-up call.  Had this happened in the middle of nowhere we would have been up you-know-what's creek.  Thankfully though, it happened right in the parking lot at our home.

Well, as you all know by now, we are going to be making this journey of ours in our little 2011 Prius.  The one thing that really drew us to that was the fact that this eco-friendly car is actually also a very mobile electric generator.  That means that wherever we are, we always have a source of power for our electronics and if it gets warm, we can sleep with the AC on and if it gets cold, we can crank on the heater.  In theory that is, after yesterday's scare we got to be a little hesitant about that.

It all started back a few weeks ago when we were reading about how some Prius owners had woken up to a dead Prius while traveling.  They said that the battery ran out for some reason and they could not figure out why.  First off, the Prius is a different kind of car and it is just a little quirky.  For one, you can't open the trunk from the driver's side door or even by using a key on the trunk itself.  We recently had GypsyBlue's windows tinted.  Mark had a company come out to do it and they ended up doing a really great job!

He was concerned about the battery running out if they left the doors open while putting on the tint, so he went out there to make sure that that did not happen.  What we have learned in our research is that as long as the car is in ready mode, that it will kick on when the battery gets low and then it cuts off after the battery is charged.  At least that is how it is supposed to go anyway!  We had no issues at all with our mighty little tugboat, until yesterday that is.  We had some errands to run and an appointment to go to but when we got to our car, it was totally dead.  We would not have been able to open our car door either had we not known about the hidden key that is in the key fob.  So we opened the door and tried to get the car turned but it was a no go.

What were we to do?  I looked in the glove compartment and pulled out the warranty card and handed it to Mark.  He called ToyotaCare and they told him that we were not covered.  We knew that we had gotten extended coverage on this car, so I checked again and found the correct card with the phone number to call.  Mark made the call and we had someone come over and they were able to boost the battery enough to get the hybrid engine to kick in.  That's another quirky thing about the Prius, it actually doesn't have a battery up front, it's in the trunk. The thing is that it isn't a typical battery either, it is just for giving the car enough juice to turn on the front panel.

Thankfully, the main hybrid batteries were all good and it was just an issue with the little 12 volt in the back running out of power.  We came to find out that that we must have left the trunk or the back door open a bit.  Yep, that is all it takes, a door not quite closed all the way.  Bummer, right?  It's okay though because as long as the Prius is in the ready mode, we are good and free from having any battery issues.  I am so glad that we found out now rather than if we were stuck out in the boonies somewhere!

Today we had the battery checked at a BatteriesPlus store and they said that everything was great and that our battery was nice and healthy.  I guess that anyone would run their car down if they left their doors ajar or their trunk not fully closed.  We just need to be more mindful of that than most people because our car is more than just transportation, she is going to be our lifeline.  We have gone ahead and purchased a battery-powered jump starter that we will have on hand just in case we run into any issues like that in the future.  It's better to be safe than sorry!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

17 Days To Freedom

Ever since coming back from our Caribbean cruise last month, time has just flown right on by.  I am amazed at how things are just starting to really fall into place.  We have been selling or donating anything that we can't bring along with us.  What do we "need" though really???  Is there anything other than food, water, air and sunshine that is truly necessary for life?  I would say no, there is not one thing other than those four things that are really needed to function in life.  Do we need it?  Do you need Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any other social media? No, you don't, actually, Facebook and all the rest of them are counting on you.  You feed them profits by just clicking away. In exchange for your freedom and privacy, you get to use their services.

If the electrical grid in this country was to actually be destroyed by a solar flare or an electromagnetic bomb, what would you do?  How would you continue to live your life?  How would money help you, what would your job mean to you?  The big screen will be a giant piece of plastic and metal and your car will be a hollowed out metal shell.  Those artificial things will be rendered worthless and useless to all of us.

Here's the thing though, we are all missing out on real life every single day.  Life is happening all around us all of the time.  Just start by getting out of your house and into nature wherever you are.  If you have a backyard, make some time to just spend some time in your yard.  Make yourself to purposefully make an effort to turn off your lights, turn off your television, turn off the cell phone, the iPad and the laptop and give yourself the gift of freedom.  By disconnecting from all of those things, you are able to connect with real life, the life that is available for all of you.

I am very hopeful that this journey is going to open so many things for me.  I am so looking forward to everything about this new season of life for me.  The challenges are going to be at times overwhelming, of that I have no doubt at all.  Yet I also know that I, by living this kind of lifestyle, I am now going to grow as a human spirit in ways that I could never have done before. How is that going to look exactly?  I am not quite sure but I do know that life in a few months will not ever be the same.  What will our evening routine look like, what will we do on a day to day basis?

That is where things get really exciting for both Mark and I.  We are truly gypsies and nomads and I have never been more excited about anything in my entire life.  To me, this chapter in my life is when my life will really begin.  I have always dreamed of being able to get away from the matrix of life and now I actually get to do it and not only that, Mark was born for this and he is definitely in his element best when he is on the road.  I guarantee you that as you follow us along on this journey that you will get to see up close what it is really like to to be a GypsyBlue Nomad. I can't wait!  We can't wait!

Time Is Ticking The Nomad Life Is Around The Corner

Ever since we got back from our Cruise the preparation for our journey is in full force.  We have sold, donated and made new purchases that would fit the task at hand. We are going to be full-time campers if you think about it, so what would make more sense than to gear ourselves up for the camping life. The Prius not only will be our ride but also our humble abode. She will shelter us when tenting is not an option due to weather or any unforeseen situation, she will be our rock in times of need. This amazing capsule was designed to travel and we are setting out to prove it.

Nonetheless, we have purchased items that are necessary to live in the outdoors such as a tent, a screened in hang out gismo, camping stove, camping chairs, sleeping bags, and pads, well just check out this video, it pretty much sums it all up. The Cummings and their gypsy girl will set off on an adventure of a lifetime.


Will there be challenges, of course, there will, are there concerns? I have done this before, I am a traveler, an adventurer and I always welcome lives challenges, it helps me know that I am alive. My wife, on the other hand, has her moment of wondering how her typical routine will have to change, but to that I say, if you wanted typical, then we could have stayed as we were.  So join us on our wonderful adventure and realize that we humans have been made into domesticated animals, giving up our freedom for comfort, creating neurotic rituals based on advertisers needs to create good little consumers and obedient slaves.  I say break the chains, you are more than that mirror says you are.

Happy Travels

Mark & Lynna Cummings

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Prelude To Our Journey

Well folks today, marked a very emotional day of my life. The final live show that Transitional Radio TV's RealTalk was aired. We will no longer be doing RealTalk and instead will be recording our journey. It has been bittersweet, but the time has come to call it quits.  But with every ending, there is a beginning, and although TRTV will no longer be aired, The Cummings and their car, GypsyBlue will have amazing footage and real life events to share with you starting on April 29th.

Here is a Prelude to our journey

And the final show aired live

Thank you for your support all of these years, and we are excited to bring you many more years of our life which is taking on a different direction.  Stay tune.....

Mark & Lynna

Saturday, April 1, 2017