Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Less Than 4 Days To New Things

Can you believe it?  In less than 4 days, we are going to be living a much different life completely.  We will be on the road, living on the road and living out of our Prius.  We both are like two little kids, just giddy with excitement.  My iPad just got fixed and returned to me and I was able to sell one last thing on eBay before we leave.  This has been a time in which we have shed a lot of stuff from us.  I am ready to go, I am ready for this new challenge and Mark has been down this road before.  We are so ready and so excited to get going!

I have been busy looking up our first few stops and just where we are going to be spending the night.  I am sure that by next month I will have a whole other system figured out for doing things.  One thing for sure is that since we are in a little Prius, we can stealth camp just about anywhere.  We were watching some videos with a guy named Jeff who goes about traveling the country in a 25 foot RV and he is all worried and bummed about the fact that there are not that many places for RVs to park in Southern California.  He complains about the insane prices that RV parks charge there but not us!  We can go anywhere and stop in any neighborhood and just blend right in!

It will be a learning and comfort curve for sure as we get used to our new routine but I just know that we'll catch on in no time.  There are lots of things to consider though.  Namely, what will we do about our morning routine?  Where will we brush our teeth and take a wizz?  Things that we have in the comfort of our apartment will not be so simple.  Then again, we are so tired of living in a box and waking up to the sun every morning will be amazing.

I think that we will be camping on a beach on our first night and then we will be boondocking in a southern town the next one.  We'll see how it goes but we plan on taking you all along with us.  It will be a new life of new places and new people and new experiences.  What a ride it is going to be too!  I plan on taking some incredible pictures and videos and Mark is going to be creating lots of new songs along the way.  This kind of life is right in our creative sweet spot and we plan on showing so many people how it just might be possible to live more with less.

We like to call it mindful-responsible living, it is a lifestyle of respecting and honoring the earth, all living things and the people in it.  A call to be ever mindful that we are indeed stewards of this planet and all that it has to offer and to understand that we all need to ever so aware of that.  It's happening, it is really and truly happening!

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