Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Time Is Ticking The Nomad Life Is Around The Corner

Ever since we got back from our Cruise the preparation for our journey is in full force.  We have sold, donated and made new purchases that would fit the task at hand. We are going to be full-time campers if you think about it, so what would make more sense than to gear ourselves up for the camping life. The Prius not only will be our ride but also our humble abode. She will shelter us when tenting is not an option due to weather or any unforeseen situation, she will be our rock in times of need. This amazing capsule was designed to travel and we are setting out to prove it.

Nonetheless, we have purchased items that are necessary to live in the outdoors such as a tent, a screened in hang out gismo, camping stove, camping chairs, sleeping bags, and pads, well just check out this video, it pretty much sums it all up. The Cummings and their gypsy girl will set off on an adventure of a lifetime.


Will there be challenges, of course, there will, are there concerns? I have done this before, I am a traveler, an adventurer and I always welcome lives challenges, it helps me know that I am alive. My wife, on the other hand, has her moment of wondering how her typical routine will have to change, but to that I say, if you wanted typical, then we could have stayed as we were.  So join us on our wonderful adventure and realize that we humans have been made into domesticated animals, giving up our freedom for comfort, creating neurotic rituals based on advertisers needs to create good little consumers and obedient slaves.  I say break the chains, you are more than that mirror says you are.

Happy Travels

Mark & Lynna Cummings

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