Friday, April 28, 2017

We Are Really Doing This Thing!!!

As I type this little blog, we are literally less than 12 hours from turning in our apartment keys over to our landlord and finally hitting the road headed to points north.  Can you believe it nomads?  We are really doing this thing!  We are so excited to leave South Florida and all of its congestion and high prices behind for good.  It felt so good to turn in that cable box to Comcast and free ourselves from yet another monthly bill.  Everything that we own in this life will be packed into our little Prius by tomorrow morning.

We are going to head off to bed in our Prius in a few minutes after I upload another video from our day today.  For some reason, the first one took forever to upload to YouTube but I guess we are going to have to be at the mercy of our unlimited plan and hotspot?  Along the way, we will be on the lookout for the best free wifi locations as well.  It is going to be different starting tomorrow, everything will change for us.  We will be at home wherever we park our car for the night.

I have tried to get my stuff downsized to something extremely manageable but I know that I still have a ways to go in that department.  I'll probably shed some more things along the way but this is all a learning experience for me for sure.  When I arrived in Silver City, Mark had to get me a storage unit in order for me to store all of my belongings that had been salvaged from my wrecked car.  I have come such a long way and I am very proud to be where I am at today thanks to my Mark.

The apartment is all cleaned up and ready for final inspection.  Our bed sheets and comforter are off the bed and the sheets are in the trash while the comforter is something that we can definitely use in our new home.  So many things are about to change and I know that many more things are going to come up that we did not even expect.  It's a whole new way of life and a whole new way of thinking for the two of us.  Because you know what?  It reallly isn't so much about the destination but the memories we make and the people we touch along the way.  You are welcome to come join us along the way.

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