Saturday, May 6, 2017

Challenges Of A Nomad


So today marks one week of our Nomadic adventures, GypsyBlue Nomads, the life of 2-Two Spirited Nomads and their car.   This hands down has been the most amazing experience I have ever had in my entire life, and note I have had many great adventures, from joining the army at 17 to Marrying an English man and living in England, then there was my adventure in Argentina, my quest to meet a trans woman on the other side of the world, which allowed me to see how others live outside of the US.  Needless to say, I have had many amazing experiences all of which has allowed my personal growth and fortified me with wonderful memories.

This journey along side with my wife Lynna, will for certain push us to levels we have never known possible, which we welcome, for our own personal spiritual growth. Thus far, we have had a few encounters that would probably create fear in many, yet it has only made us stronger and looking forward to more. The so-called normal life people live in their boxed reality leaves people empty and in search for stimulation which usually stems from drugs, alcohol or any type of synthetic solution, none of which really ever solves the problem, the lack of connection with nature and who we truly are.

The first night in Anderson South Carolina, we were threatened with the police for sleeping overnight at a rest stop, mainly because I had parked the car the opposite way to get a better view of the most amazing scenery.

Then there was the bug infestation at Keowee Toxaway State Park, seeing that I am a magnet for mosquitos I was eaten away, while Lynna was not even touched.  But as if the bugs were not enough, as we explored the area and tried to break in my new Hiking boots, we had an encounter with one of the largest, highly venomous snakes in the Americas, the chances to actually come across one of these majestic creatures is rare, but of course, if there is a chance of something rare happening, it would definitely happen to us. Don't get me wrong, I think it was incredible, and as frightening, as it may have appeared to be, I was grateful to have experienced it. 

One of the most challenging things for me thus far as a person who has OCD, is trying to keep everything in order, living in your car, especially a small vehicle like the Prius does tend to provide many challenges for a person who thrives on organization and neatness. But as a person who also thrives with overcoming challenges, I have found new ways to keep myself sane while living out of our car. There must be a place for everything, and everything has its place.  Keeping the car clean on the inside as well as on the outside with sponges, paper towels, and chemical free cleaners has been very helpful and a lifesaver. I have a set routine, as I move all of my stuff from the front seat to the back seat, the daily ritual of making the back our bed or the storage area as we drive. 

Keeping clean in between showers is also very important to me, so far we are still trying to find a method that is effective, as is finding locations that one can feel comfortable, changing clothing, brushing one's teeth and privates without feeling uncomfortable. Some bathrooms have a large stall with their own sink, I like those the best. I can wash up and change clothing without feeling rushed or worried about others needing to use the stall as well. 

We finally bought a bed foam to add to the sleeping quarters, making it much more comfortable and cozy. Finally, the other challenge is boondocking in urban areas, Walmarts are not always welcoming to overnighters, nor are rest stops. We stayed at a Target last night, found it to be safe and welcoming, no signs of towing your vehicle, in fact there seem to have been several van dwellers which gave us the clue that it would be okay to spend the night there. 

I want to engage in our own cooking more, since eating out can be quite costly and not very healthy, even with trying to make healthy vegan choices, restaurant meals are never adequate, and we are quickly finding out the lack of vegan choices or knowledge on the matter in the restaurant world. This is all one big learning curve and I am sure we will get better as time progresses.  

When we are away from the city, or in an area that I can set up my portable kitchen it is not a problem at all, but this world is set up to keep us all enslaved in their fast food corporate world.  More parks with the ability to picnic and enjoy the outdoors are needed. People should not be made to feel as if they are criminals when they prefer not to live in a box and enjoy the great outdoors. The lobbying monsters for campgrounds seem to be the ones pushing the no overnight parking, so more people are forced to pay their outrageous prices.

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