Thursday, May 4, 2017

Not Without An Incident or Two

South Carolina:

It has not even been a week yet, and we already had a few encounters which have only made the adventure ever so interesting. We slept in a rest stop that had a sign that read no overnight parking which of course we missed but were informed first thing in the morning that we needed to leave, after having the most restful night sleep and an amazing view.

We then decided to explore South Carolina some more and stayed at a State Park called Keowee Toxaway State Park and guess what we encountered?

The weather has been amazing, some cold nights, which we welcome since we get to open our windows and enjoy the fresh air.  I have had my share of mosquito bites and I must say that Carolina does have plenty of bugs, but it's all part of the journey and tale to tell.

So keep on watching as life unfolds before our very eyes.

Go Go GypsyBlue......

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