Monday, May 22, 2017

Technology Slows Down Our Journey: But We Are Back

As many of you know, I am not much for the Matrix nor all that it represents. I believe it actually makes us prisoners and infests our Neurological system while removing our true human nature. Before we set out on this Journey, we thought we took care of all the essential needs to be able to report our journey and to bring you all along with us. I actually was satisfied with what appeared to be a good provider, leaving behind my long standing relationship with Metro PC and went with T-Mobile who at the time appeared to be a better choice for being connected while on the road.

Well to make a long story short, when we got to North Dakota we noticed our 4G went down to 3G and soon we received a message stating that our roaming allotted 200 MB amount was almost reached, therefore, we would be left with no data and our devices rendered useless. Well, we contacted T-Mobile and expressed our frustration but basically got nowhere, they were unable to do anything about the situation, according to them there were limits on roaming, we were sold an unlimited plan that actually had limits when their towers were not their own.  It appeared that my 15-year relationship with Metro Pc was tainted for nothing, we had to drive 300 miles to Colorado, there were no T-Mobile, nor Metro PC locations in Montana, which is where we received our text that our data had run out.

We were, to say the least, frustrated and angry, and knew that we had to drive to the nearest T-Mobile and Metro PC dealer  300 plus miles to cancel one and reconnect the other, as well as purchase a Hot Spot from the best, yet most expensive carrier, Verizon.  In the meanwhile, we drove through horrific weather of rain, that produced lots of hydro gliding, and even through snowed areas, which blew my mind, I did not imagine in mid-May that snow could be possible.

We have had lots of challenges on this adventure of a lifetime, yet none has proven to be so frustrating, especially for Lynna who is the one in charge of making sure you all get the story told. She is the artist that places the storyboard together via film, capturing the beautiful images that our wonderful planet has gifted us. We are now sitting in Boulder Colorado, editing and putting stuff together that is on the backlog, due to the technological glitches.

We hope you are enjoying our wonderful adventure and hope that we can continue to provide you with amazing sceneries, as well as to share the good, the bad and the ugly with you via this blog and videos. Here are some live videos we shot along the way. Remember to Donate if your heart desires to and enjoy what we are doing, we have now had to incur more charges having to have a Hot Spot with Verizon.  You can also become a Patreon and sponsor our Projects, we want to make some more great music videos that will bring a message of freedom, empowering everyone to break free and to know there is another way.

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