Friday, May 26, 2017

The Gods Have Spoken

Colorado has to be one of the most beautiful states I have had the pleasure to drive through, the many passages, the strokes of beauty on the canvas of Mother Earth's creation and Father Skies majestic presence, it is definitely Godly in every way.  Now please do not misinterpret the word or meaning with some religious dogma, but instead, my intent is to demonstrate the pure beauty that only Gods can create.  It is our playground, the place where we learn to tap into our own Godly abilities, and where we can heal from the savaged programming we have been indoctrinated with throughout history.

The beauty of this planet is beyond words, and sadly many will never get to truly experience it's magic and instead will be forced to live their artificial life watching a big screen TV, or sitting in front of a computer screen, where all the different mental disorder brew and take over one's mind. We have been set up for failure, becoming dreamers, not doers, becoming incapacitated and unable to leave the cage, the so-called safe haven we have been taught to worship and love.  It is only through Mother and Father that we can truly heal, and to realize that we are part of this majestic creation, not below it or above it, but right where we need to be, beside it.

We have covered over 6,000 miles in the past 26 days, we have seen so much in such a small amount of time. I don't have the words to express the feelings and emotions attached to what my senses have had the pleasure to experience. Many say "God's" words are in the Bible, I say that is not true, God/Goddess speaks to us through nature, it is the true sanctuary and healing place, not the church, and definitely not some book created by man's own interpretation of what he thinks God says. I say the Gods have spoken, but not through these dogmatic ways, but instead the secret messages are there hidden under the rocks, inside the mountains, in every passing Creek and River, in every plant and herb, every particle of Sand the comes from the many different Universes that we are all collectively part of.

Many will disagree with my words or analogies on this blog, and that is okay, for this is my interpretation of what I have had the pleasure to experience and to see. I am a much better person today, 26 days into this amazing journey, I can only imagine what my life will be a year from now. I hope that we are able to spark some interest, and open up the minds of many who live their life based on other peoples experiences or interpretations. I hope we can get you out there, to see the world first hand where you can talk to the mountains, listen to the rivers cry, watch nature unfold right before your very eyes.  It is magical, to say the least.

Here is a poem inspired by my experience:

My eyes, they open first thing as I arise, I see the silhouette in disguise, the shadows cast by the sun, the smell of nature is so divine.  I can only hope to understand her message, her words, her guidance, her gentle lessons she teaches us every day through this amazing journey she has designed.

We ride, we walk, we climb each day, zig-zagging away, for we can't get enough of her presence and the many essences she designs. We are her humble servants, confused and lost, trying to find our way, we don't claim to know the path, we are mere travelers of her wrath. The rain, the storms, the winds that blow the soul into submission, all she wants is recognition, and love, yes love, the love the tames even the untamable.  The journey has no beginning and no end, time is an illusion, the path is a mere confusion, for there are no rules, no maps, the travelers must submit to chance, and the sooner we learn that we are not in control, the sooner we grow and learn to let go. Ride on, travel on, be part of the magic, for the Gods have spoken the breath into our lungs.

Go Go GypsyBlue....

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