Thursday, June 8, 2017

Life Lessons From The Road Part 2

Lesson #2  "When traveling the road less traveled, make sure to take your time."

With the summer travel season coming into full swing, Mark and I are seeing a whole lot more RV's and vacationers these days.  Last week we were taking in the beauty just west of Grand Junction, Colorado at a place called the Colorado National Monument.  After entering the south side of the park, we stopped in a picnic area for our morning breakfast and then headed back on the road.  We were going at a leisurely pace as we saw countless opportunities to pull over and just absorb the spectacular rugged beauty of this rocky land.  The problem was that people in cars and trucks behind us were just wanting to speed through this wonderland.  My suggestion to those that want to zip through a national park is to just forego the "hassle" of driving slow and to just stick to the interstate for your sightseeing pleasure.

There is so much to learn, there is much to witness, there is so much to take in but you have to be willing to slow your life down in order to really appreciate it.  If not, it loses its value and its purpose. The Universe, our Creator and this earth that we are all a part of has lots of things to teach us but we have got to be willing to take time, to slow down and to stop and listen.  When you do, you are forever changed and never again the same.  Something amazing happens when we unplug from the stresses of life and we allow ourselves to be carried into the flows of the streams of nature.  Yesterday was one of those days.

We made the switcharoo in our car yesterday morning at the Little America Travel Center where we spent the night and had breakfast and then got going to our next destination in Wyoming.  At first, it was kind of flat as we passed through farmland and cattle grazing land but then we started to climb back up into the mountains.  We were up at almost 9000 feet and we again noticed that we were high enough for there to still be snow on the ground.  In June, imagine that!?  As we began to descend into the valley, we could see that the land was again changing.  I had hesitated from pulling out my camera but as we made a turn on one of the many switchbacks, our senses were treated to one of the most colorful and incredibly beautiful moments of this entire journey.  We had to slow down and pull over.

It was a scene out of a storybook, a fairytale, a romantic scene in a movie or all three.  First of all, it was almost too much to take in.  We were in the presence of a sacred scene of serenity and a moment when the eternal touches the natural.  It was other-worldly and surreal and made me feel as if I had stepped into a universal portal and been translated into another realm.  As I looked into my the viewfinder to capture what was all around me, I could not help but notice how colorful and infinitely magical this heavenly scene was.  It was as if the colors of the rainbow had fallen out of the sky and had been absorbed into the rocks, grass, trees and flowers before me.  Nature's spell had been cast over me and it beckoned me to come closer for a better look.  I took to my knees as I began to capture  what I saw in an almost reverent manner.  This was truly a holy place of nature and for me, it was a place of worship and awe.

I honestly believe that another piece of my soul was put back together and restored that day, nature has a way of healing you that cannot be replicated.  All that is required of you is for you to allow yourself to stop, look and listen.  When traveling the road less traveled, make sure to take your time...


  1. That was pretty Lynna . Beautiful pictures , and wonderful story . Thanks for sharing 😎

  2. That scene in Wyoming was breathtakingly gorgeous, one of those magical momemts in life.