Friday, June 23, 2017

Reflection On The Journey Of A Life Time

Well, what can I say, it has been almost 2 months now since we took off, leaving behind the comforts of an apartment, to travel the great unknown.  We have been through so many things, mostly positive, but there are some challenges that cannot go unmentioned.  Living out of a Prius can be extremely challenging for the average individual, starting from where you are going to park the car for the night without being kicked out, to staying clean, oh and let's not forget trying not to get on each other's nerves.  You know you can deal with just about anything as a couple when you can live and be with someone 24/7 in very close quarters, and still be madly in love with them.

Being trans-identified comes with many challenges on its own, now try living in a Prius with those same challenges. Imagine all those preoccupied thoughts you had when you had a full-length mirror, and had all the time in the world to putz around this said mirror, feeding the obsession, but now, you have to tend to all those same needs in a public restroom, that is if one is available that can provide you privacy; unless you can find a family restroom, you are then stuck using the Prius's visor mirror and realizing that all those things you were so preoccupied with before really are not that important.

Fire near Brian Head UT

Most trans people are self-obsessed and preoccupied with looks, they worry mostly about passing and what other people see and think .  When you set out to make the planet your home and decide to place vanity on the back burner there are things that start to happen to you, such as spiritual growth, realization that the world does not revolve around you, and yes that there are so many wonderful experiences to be had outside the mirror and lets not forget, the realization that nature has all the flavors and feelings you would ever need. Gender in the bigger scope of things is really not that important.

I must say, I have seen my wife mature in ways I thought were not possible, I know that every trans person goes through growing pains, but I feel that this journey has truly enhanced our relationship, in spite of the challenges we have faced, which have served to make us grow closer and stronger both personally and individually, the Nomadic Life can help a person really appreciate the smaller things in life, and realize what is really important.

I am a big believer that trans issues have not been truly studied and properly addressed, and this one size fits all approach has only created further problems which in the long run makes matters worse. I continue to see people's pain increase after transition, never being satisfied with themselves, their relationships, for those who even manage to have one,  and the inability to face their pain, which has nothing to do with gender.

Being trans makes the nomadic life much more challenging, that is until you let go of this trans notion, and just start to live as a regular human being, that is when you finally stop worrying about what other people think, and start living the life of freedom that the Nomadic life offers. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to live this way of life. It is extremely freeing for me. I enjoy sleeping in a different place almost every night, eating our meals in a different location with amazing views, and most of all feeling free on the open road. The Prius is rather small and tight for two people, we are hoping to get a van and create a mobile tiny home that we can use to live our Nomadic lifestyle in the future. But for now, she is what we got, GypsyBlue is amazing, she has given us an average of 46 miles per gallon, traveling up and down mountains, keeping us warm in the colder climates, and cooling us off in the warmer ones, her temperature control features make her an amazing vehicle.  We have hit the 10,000-mile marker on our journey and still have much more to go. We have seen so much in such a short amount of time, experiencing the many different wildlife, sceneries that are beyond words, and most of all learning to love and respect each other's needs while being in a small vehicle, to include how to make love without hitting our heads, or creating a back condition, lol.

It has been an amazing journey thus far, and I hope you all have enjoyed our journey and Lynna's amazing video skills to include editing. She puts her heart and soul into what she does, she is an extremely sensitive individual who has had lots of emotional baggage from childhood and is trying to learn to navigate life the best she can. She has taught me patience, how to love unconditionally and has helped me see my own faults. We fight often, and sometimes about the stupidest things, but to tell you the truth, before Lynna, I was numb and dead inside, she has helped me see how alike we are, and we both have shared our childhood traumas that have created the challenges we face today as adults. We are both truth seekers and are always trying to grow and learn, we are open and fully naked with our lives with you. We are far from perfect and sometimes our Aspergers gets in the way, I know that is our biggest challenge, but if we can learn to work it out amongst each other, then there is no excuse for anyone not to. Life is too precious to feel sorry for self and live life in depression. Set yourselves free once and for all.

Go go...GyspsyBlue..

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