Friday, July 14, 2017

Living A Dream

It still seems like an incredible dream to be able to travel this big blue planet of ours, learning and experiencing everything mother earth has to offer.  I equate this experience with visiting an all you can eat Buffet, where after awhile you cannot distinguish the different flavors of the great foods you have before you. So many great flavors and aromas that we are unable to remember the many places we have visited and they all start to blend in after awhile.  Here is the link to the map we post our whereabouts (MAP) in case you are reading this blog from your smartphone and the map does not show on your device.

Waking up every morning as the sun rises and going to bed with the stars is just invigorating, to say the least. Making breakfast or dinner in different National Parks, Picnic areas and rest stops have become the norm and enjoyable beyond words. Every time we share our story with those we meet along the way, they all say you are living a dream, and that we are.  At first, the stress of the unknown, the bugs, or trying to find a "safe" place to lay our heads made it difficult to fully enjoy the journey, but now after 74 days in, there are no worries and we are enjoying the challenges and look forward to the unknown, it makes it so very interesting and feeds the need of unpredictability both Lynna and I have.  This life suits us well.

The other day when we stayed at a rest stop we thought would be quite, it appeared out of the way, turned out to be the noisiest stop ever. There was a rowdy bunch that had driven in, whose lack of consideration for others showed by the lack of etiquette with trash removal. There are places that do not provide trash cans and have a pack in, pack out policy. Meaning you create trash, you take it with you upon departure. Well, we saw that the woman who was with the two very rowdy guys, placed her trash on the floor in front of the vault toilets, as she voiced "this rest area has no trash". I proceeded to explain to her the policy of which she chose to ignore and left her trash on the floor anyway.  That same night we got awoken by what we thought were colleges students, in the end, it turned out to be a bus full of rainbow people coming from a rainbow event, who were smoking weed, yelling at the top of their lungs and ignoring the fact that people were sleeping at the rest stop.

One of the things we have noticed on this trip is the lack of consideration many in this world have for others, it basically appears they only think about their needs and have no problem invading the spaces of those who were there before them, hmmm, that seems to be the pattern of this great US of A. It is something Lynna and I have noticed on our Journey as we people watch and observe the many different types of behaviors and actions.

The Rainbow crowd was rather interesting, they had children with them, looked very out of shape and rather sickly as they coughed and wheezed, most likely from the weed smoking and lack of proper care of their person. They smoke upon awakening and even offered Lynna and me to smoke from the pipe they were passing around, yet we denied and informed them that we felt their actions were inappropriate and should be more considerate of others that were trying to rest at the rest stop. We would have loved to interview them and try to learn more about them, but our frustration with the lack of sleep we had that night because of them, clouded our perspective and packed up our things and found another place to make our usual breakfast.

There is so much to learn in our world, so much to experience. I find that Lynna and I are quick to judge and become bothered quickly by other peoples actions, possibly due to our Aspergers and very judgemental upbringing. I believe this journey will help us work through the many challenges and baggage we both have incurred along our lifetime.  Being able to understand others and where they come from is important for better human interaction. We are all hurting as humans and have been taught to see each other as the enemy. There is lots of healing to do from the past, and I feel people need to take responsibility for their actions in order to heal and grow.

This is such a beautiful planet, there is so much healing in nature to be had, but only until we surrender to her and let our egos go, will we experience the great healing she has to offer. If we stop holding on to labels, gender, boundaries, hatred, and fear, we just might rise above it all.

Hope you are enjoying the journey as much as we are......

GoGo GypsyBlue....

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