Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Journey and My Gender Reflection

As I continue on this beautiful journey Lynna and I have embarked on, I can't help but reflect and grow with my thoughts. I know that what I have done is the unthinkable and frankly I have had to pay a dear price for what I did.  I cannot change the past nor is there an outcome that would make things any better. For me to try to change my transition and go into another dysfunctional behavior of destruction to undo what I did, would only make matters worse.  I am a female, that I know, I am now a female with a beard, and this is my reality. My voice has changed, I now grow facial and body hair, a burden, as well as a permanent scar, along with other scars on my body from this so called transition, which would cost lots of money and induce incredible amounts of pain to remove.

So here I am faced with my decisions that forever changed my life. My saving grace is that I found the love of my life through all of this madness. Anyway wanted to share this video that speaks of my feelings and reflection on gender.

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