Here you will find our reviews on Campsites, Boondocking areas, stores, you name it, including products.

1= don't  even bother  2= better than nothing  3= Descent   4= Good     5= Excellent

Peters Point Beachfront Park:

Excellent beach front spot for a few nights stay, permit needed 5 dollars a night. Has bathroom facilities, including showers, definitely worth it.   5/5


Keowee Toxaway State Park:

Hot showers, great views, and remote. Lots of bugs, and met up with a big bad rattlesnake.  4/5

Mortimer Camp Ground:

Very remote 6 miles of gravel road, hot showers, fire pit, beautiful views, flood flash warning, would recommend but careful with weather conditions, could be dangerous. 4/5

Boondocking at Target, Walmart, and rest stops, thus far all great experiences.

Eating out as a vegan has been challenging, no good selections at Wendy's or Cracker Barrel.

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